Receive the Dose of Education online from the comfort of your home with Mokslo Dozė

We have overcome geographical barriers and have made learning simpler by creating a platform, allowing you to work with exceptional tutors from all over the world from the comfort of your home. Mokslo Dozė prepares future leaders! Besides providing knowledge, we put a great emphasis on computer literacy. Using a multifunctional whiteboard for writing, typing, drawing diagrams, or sharing documents with the tutor, learning becomes a fun and enjoyable experience. We teach all subjects at all levels! No worries, if you struggle with homework, we offer written sessions as well.

New Learning Initiatives

The question isn’t “How do I teach this?” but “How can they learn it?”

Jane Bozarth


We believe that high-quality education should be available regardless of where you live. That is why we overcome geographical barriers – with us you can access the best tutors from all over the world from the comfort of your home. We offer a very flexible learning experience, which saves time and money. Students can book single individual sessions, regular sessions and even written sessions. From now onwards, you can receive the Dose of Education while being on holiday in your granny’s village!


Our tutors are somehow exceptional: they studied in world-leading universities, participated in International Olympiads, worked in different parts of the world, or tutored for a long time. They passed rigorous selection procedures to make sure they are familiar with the school curriculum and requirements for different exam boards. Extensive training provided by us enabled tutors to personalize lesson content effectively and deliver lessons using state-of-art teaching techniques, visual tools. They track student performance and provide feedback after each session. As a result, improvements in academic performance are guaranteed.


We aim to create a friendly learning environment, where the student feels safe and comfortable asking questions. We eliminated the hierarchy of teachers. Here teachers are not only mentors but also friends of their tutees. We emphasize the importance of asking questions and making mistakes because they are critical for successful learning. Using modern technologies, our approachable tutors will give the Dose of Education in a simpler, more comprehensive, yet in an interesting format.

Browse our tutors that cover all subjects and all levels

Select level and subject you are interested in under “Tutors” tab. You can then compare tutors, read their reviews, and choose the one that fits you best. Before making a decision, you can contact a few tutors to learn about their teaching strategies and how they could help you.

Request a lesson and

Once you have selected the tutor, agree on lesson time, content via a message, and send a tutorial request. When the lesson request has been confirmed, make the payment safely and easily with any debit/credit card or Paypal. No worries, if you need to cancel the session 24h before the start, we will give a full refund. If you prefer learning with peers, you can request a group session. In that case, all session members will be asked to confirm the booking and make a payment at least 48h and 24h before the start time, respectively. The time frame and price for the written session must be agreed between student and tutor.

Join online classroom and start learning

During the online lesson, you will see and hear the tutor live through the webcam. The virtual whiteboard will have all functions needed for learning, such as typing, writing, drawing diagrams, uploading worksheets, and sharing screen. It is user-friendly and absent of unnecessary distractions, so you can fully focus on learning just like in the normal classroom.

Receive support while doing homework

If you have any questions while doing homework, you can bring them to the session. Alternatively, if you want the tutor to check it, you can book a written session. In that case, the teacher will give feedback or clues on how to answer questions in a written format. Written session time and price depend on the length and complexity of the task and, therefore, shall be agreed by student and tutor.