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Using visual interactive tools, our approachable tutors help to improve reading, writing, and math skills needed for successfully entering any primary school.

Primary school

Online lessons are enjoyable for both students and parents. Students enjoy using new technologies, while parents are happy that lessons fit effortlessly into the family’s life.

Secondary school

A bunch of new subjects looks scary to you? No worries, our friendly and professional tutors will help to adjust to new learning styles and prepare for gymnasium.


Exams are approaching, and your teachers pressurise to choose subjects for further education? No worries, online lessons will help you effectively prepare for exams and upcoming


Final dreadful exams are coming, and you struggle to find a tutor in your city? We have a solution for you. Our platform allows you to have tutorials with teachers living in different corners of the world.

International Baccalaureate

Do you want to study abroad but cannot find a tutor who could teach in accordance with IB curriculum? We have plenty of teachers who could prepare you for IB exams.

Personalised lessons

Individual sessions

If you are looking for individual tutor attention, one-to-one live online session is what you need! Receive 1h personalised live online lesson tailored according to your learning style and pace. Close relationships and tutor availability make session more engaging and improve student’s confidence needed to succeed. Performance monitoring and feedback system ensures online tuition stays on track.


Written sessions

Have an important assignment and want someone to check your work? If that is the case, written session is exactly what you need! Send the task, your attemptsto the teacher, and (s)he will provide written feedback or clues on how to answer the question by the agreed deadline. Written session price and time frame depend on the complexity of the task and, therefore, shall be agreed between student and teacher.

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Individual and group sessions are 1h long.

Student can cancel and refund the session up to 24h before it starts. If the lesson is cancelled less than 24h before its start, tutor will decide whether to refund.

If lesson didn’t happen, tutor can refund the session from the Booking page up to 48h after the lesson planned time.

You can see and speak with tutor via live video and audio. Student and teacher can upload documents, images, worksheets, write, type or draw on them while solving. There is a pointer tool to facilitate discussion and chat box to share web links.

You can request a lesson from Message page and tutor will have to confirm it. Alternatively, tutor may request a session, meaning student will have to confirm it. Once the lesson has been confirmed, student needs to make a payment prior the session as otherwise the access to virtual classroom will be disabled.

Payments are made via mokslodoze website using debit/credit card, wallets or PayPal through secure Stripe payment system. Please note, payment must be made before the session.

You enter lesson space by clicking “Launch” button in the Booking page. Launch button becomes active 5min before the session time. Please note that the payment must be made before the start of the session.

You’ll need a desktop, laptop or tablet, headphones with microphone, webcam, good broadband connection and Google Chrome or Safari browser.

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